top of page is a luxury jewelry company that aims to bridge the digital NFT world with high-end physical assets.

Founded by a Bored Ape, a Crypto Whale, a Blockchain SDM, and a world-renowned jeweler, we seek to bring anyone’s NFTs to life through physical necklaces and pendants of your favorite digital assets.

We take on-demand orders for all our NFT frens, bringing your digital assets to life over a 4-week production process. We want to work closely with all our NFT degens to create beautiful jewelry custom to your preferences and taste. 



  • Bases:  18k Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold

  • Jewels: VVS Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, etc.

Step 01

NFT Received From Customer

We first receive a high-quality image of your NFT and work with you to decide how you want to Bejewel your NFT! 

Step 02

Initial Render Design

Following that, we send an initial render design to you.


Step 03

Bejeweled Render

If you’re happy, we begin to apply the jewels you want on a new render.

Then a final 3D render is made, bringing your NFT to life.

Step 04

Final Bejeweled Pendant

Shortly after, your Bejeweled NFT gets sent into production.

All renders are sent to you throughout the process to make sure you are happy with your Bejeweled NFT.


Sample Renders

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Want To Create Your Very Own Bejeweled Piece?

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